Syndicates a racing clubs

easy way to own a horse.

It is often said that horse racing is a sport for the top ten thousand and rich people in general. Today, this is true only partially. You can become an owner of a race horse even if you can’t afford to spend thousands of crowns on the purchase and running. Syndicates and racing clubs have proven to be a very handy solution as the costs are distributed among multiple owners.

Janda Bloodstock will help you to establish racing syndicates and other associations of owners.

In racing-developed countries, such associations are a common part of horse-racing industry. Some of them have the form of clubs, i.e. the partners develop other activities than racing, other are precisely managed syndicates the shares of which represent a prestigious investment that can be turned into profit after a set period.

In England, horses owned by syndicated often win in major races. The Epsom Derby 2005 winner, Motivator, was owned by a record number of 230 people. Recently, this form of ownership has proved popular in the Czech Republic too. On the top level, horses such as Kevin the Knight, Tesiov, Gotyk, Fione, Tulum, Theophilos ( have achieved success.

The members of racing clubs or syndicates prove to be popular for TV crews and journalists, since the shared joy is a double joy and failures that accompany every sport can be borne better if shared by more people. A membership in an owners’ association is a unique opportunity to enter the racing industry and to get to know the fascinating mechanisms of this sport. The pleasure acquired from races is not measured by number of wins but by the power of experience.

Whether you opt for any form of a collective ownership of a race horse, we offer support and consultancy both with establishment of the syndicate and its management.

Janda Bloodstock

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